Mandar Lande

  • Co-Founder of Destek
Co-Founder of Destek

I am Mandar Lande, a son, husband, friend, fellow employee, and talented entrepreneur. My journey from just a regular boy next door to a successful business owner has been filled with many stories to tell and lessons to learn. The idea for my start-up, Destek came from my daily life and my observations of my family, friends, and their needs. I soon started considering them as an opportunity to proudly start a new initiative. My journey of calling something my own started with Destek, which was launched in 2017, now a leading digital marketing development company. We are making history with a big and talented team.

Then came Legal Nextt, a product under Destek and my initiative to change the law industry for a good. I wanted to make storing history and offering justice a little easy and more automated for the lawyers. Legal Nextt is still growing strong and still now is attracted investment from across the globe.

Let’s talk about the time-changing and the star of the journey Meri Dukaan, a platform that helped small businesses launch their business online. Meri Dukaan has been a revolution for the eCommerce industry, we have onboarded thousands of small businesses and the count is still growing strong.

Soon, I was struck with the idea of something as creative as HR Nextt, a unique platform for recruitment and the HR industry, but I guess it was too soon for the time being. But 2021 marked the flourishment of HR Nextt and now we have customers who appreciate this initiative like no other.

DhakDhak, as the name states, is an application very close to the heart. As India found a new way to show its talent online. DhakDhak made history with over 1 million downloads which are still growing strong.

Sustainability and awareness for the environment have always been a conscious motive of mine, soon I planned to launch Elektrify, the largest network for electric vehicle charging stations. It is our initiative to encourage people to go electric and build a healthy future.

And the list of our ideas and initiatives goes on!

Along with my passion to make a difference, my love for sustainability and affordability has inspired me to create something unique and helpful, not only to business Destek and various new products but also to individuals. With changing times and gaining popularity, I, Mandar Lande am all set to storm the e-commerce and marketing world. There is a lot in store, stay tuned!