3D Artist

Role -3D Artist
Experience- 2-4 Years

Job Brief

A 3D artist creates three-dimensional models, animations, and visual effects to be used in various creative projects such as films, video games, and digital advertising campaigns. This involves creating special effects to match specific briefs using a combination of hand-drawing techniques and computer software. This position requires experience in three-dimensional geometry, texturing, lighting and camera placement for architectural modelling. All artists should have sound artistic ability and should be proficient in 3D Studio.

Skill Set

  • 3ds Max, Photoshop and V-Ray. 3D Max, 3D Modelling, Hands-on with 3D Software (Maya, 3DMax).
  • Applying materials, texture and lighting to 3D Models.
  • Generate high quality rendered images of 3D Models
  • 3D Character animation, Add background, sound, texture, colors, lighting and other attributes to an animation
  • Create separate frames for each sequence and put the sequence on timeline to match the script and soundtrack
  • Build and maintain animation rigs of varying complexity (creature rigs, props, hero and background assets, 3D Character animation, motion capture rigs, face rigs, etc)
  • Ability to work independently
  • Highly creative and detail oriented
  • Flexibility, ability to work with minimum supervision and problem solving.
  • Good communication skills. Should be able to understand comments given by client.


The minimum requirement to become a 3D artist is a bachelor's degree in fine art, computer graphics, or a multimedia field, and some students might specialize in subjects such as game design or interactive media. A good portfolio and technical skills are also a must.